Systems Theory was the band formed between Steven Davies-Morris, the late Greg Davis and Mike Dickson between 1999 and Greg's death in 2009. We only really released two 'proper' albums, with there being other releases of demos and 'concentrates' of the two albums being released as compressed previews of what were were doing.

We were in the process of releasing our third album when Greg sadly left us. More about this elsewhere. Two of the tracks were eventually released on Orbis in 2011, but were never really finished. Some day we might get around to releasing it, maybe not. Maybe the time has passed.


Demos 1999-2000 Demos 1999-2000
Demos 2001-2002 Demos 2001-2002


Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies
Codetalkers Codetalkers
overfulnoisecascade overfulnoisecascade


These are concentrated versions of the Systems Theory repertoire, broadly being advance demonstrations of the contents of the two albums we released. A third concentrate of overfulnoisecascade was being worked on when Greg left us.

Concentrate #1 Systems Theory Concentrate I

Concentrate #2 Systems Theory Concentrate II