Ab Sense [9:42] 22.8Mb

Ab Sense

More improvised music from a fair number of different synthesisers (software and hardware) and a highly treated cello. One person who heard this piece in advance of its release told me an entire narrative that he saw in his mind as it played through. I could not see it myself, but I cannot be made to disbelieve its existence simply because I am not able to see it. Maybe this sort of abstract soundtrack is another way I could have headed. It certainly bears some resemblance to the earlier works I was involved with in Systems Theory. There's a story in here someplace but I am damned if I am going to spell it out.

To paraphrase the words of someone far better at this sort of music than I ever hope to be, when it works it works but when it doesn't it doesn't...and it doesn't often. I can accept this. Sometimes you can be playing something and it sounds extraordinary. Then you take a day's leave from it and when you return to it it no longer sounds extraordinary...you cannot even understand what it was you were ever trying to do or say. For that reason I am distrustful of my own improvisations as I am undoubtedly the worst possible critic of my own output. in any event, unless I get pretty lucky (as I did elsewhere on this album) I need to have things written down so I can revisit them and add to or subtract from them in a sensible manner.

Everyone can improvise. It takes a particular talent to know when to stop.