FM1SM [4:01] 9.5Mb


The title is actually an abbreviation of the title I was using as the piece was being developed. Trouble is I have long forgotten what this codeword was and instead it became the shortened version instead. How odd.

This is a pretty good example of where I sit when I want to improvise and then hit upon something that sounds quite good. As long as I can address it in the same session I can more or less follow what I had played, which explains how the Mellotron came to be overdubbed onto the piano with a fair degree of accuracy. If I had left it until the next day then it would have been consigned to the same dustbin where so many of my more inspired works end up. Last time I looked there were about fifty of them in there. Maybe I could do a Conlon Nancarrow and play them all at once to see what effect it has on the atmosphere.

This is also available on YouTube.