Mike Dickson

This one has been a while in coming, I know. It all started well enough but then other things started to impose on what I was doing and nothing happened on time. I also took a long time deciding what to put on the album.

I knew I wanted more Tallis and I knew I wanted to rework a piece that had earlier appeared on Domus, but that was about it. Getting together sheet music for some of the more complicated pieces (and making sense of it) was also a slow process. However, it has all happened now.

What you have is weirdly schizophrenic combination of melody and nightmare. Some of the more soundtrack-oriented material seems to give some of my audience the fear, so I have lightened up that aspect of it with a bouncy little bit of Handel, something I started about two years ago in a fit of enthusiasm and never completed.

There's not much more to say, other than this is likely to be the last album in the ongoing series for a while. Why? I'm probably starting to repeat myself, and don't wish to become that guy who plays classical music on the Mellotron (or otherwise) to the exclusion of everything else. Ideas are running a bit short - one of the reasons why this album took so long to produce - and I'd sooner not do this at all than produce music that sounds like everything I've done before. I've also started to enjoy making videos for YouTube, so I may look at illustrating some older works using this instead.

All tunes are presented as high bitrate MP3s which accounts for their large size. An Adobe PDF file for the cover can be found here and suitable CD label can be found here. A Microsoft Word version of the artwork is also available here. A CD Architect layout can be found here and a Winamp playlist can be found here.

Thanks for listening.

Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!

Mike Dickson, Edinburgh, February 2011