Seven Pieces by Thomas Tallis

Thomas Tallis

Salvator Mundi [2:27] 5.8Mb

O Nata Lux [1:14] 2.9Mb

In Nomine (II) [3:15] 7.7Mb

O Sacrum Convivium [2:57] 7.0Mb

When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack? [1:54] 4.5Mb

Gloria Patri [1:30] 3.6Mb

Pour Forth Thy Spirit [3:01] 7.1Mb

All of these pieces come from Tallis enormous, five-reign-spanning repertoire of vocal music. Rather than simply apply the usual choirs and voices I have tried to impart them with a sense of diversity. Salvator Mundi works on a conventional level, being a voicing of simple woodwinds, whereas the denser O Sacrum Convivium features a variety of string sounds from the Mellotron. Whilst still retaining the feel of being voice music, I hope I have shown that the pieces are more than simple songs. The chords to Gloria Patri are quite wonderful and sound very contemporary in context, which is one of the reasons I based it entirely on the rather retro sounds of some old string synths, thereby sounding suitably post-modern.

You can see Gloria Patri, In Nomine, When Shall My Sorrowful Sighing Slack?, Salvatore Mundi and O Sacrum Convivium on YouTube: