Madeleine [13:44] 32.3Mb


On Domus I had a piece called For A Brief Second Time Just Stood Still. That piece was a sort of attempt to capture 'live' a moment of happiness...or contentment...or something really good. It doesn't matter entirely what it was, but it was an effort to speak of the moment. The here and now.

This is a reworking of that very piece, where the here and now is becoming the there and then. Played from memory, I attempted to replay the melody of that piece (which for some reason I never completely forgot) amidst the distraction and debris of the intervening time, changing the tone, the voice and even the nature of what once was into something the same, yet different. Whereas the first version of this tune was shorter and brighter, this is now markedly slower, gloomier and positively melancholy.

Originally the piece was to be called 'Reverie' but that seemed too obvious given the pauses and reflections and stammering and recollecting going on here. The revised title should not provide much in the way of a puzzle for those of a more literate quality.

This is also available on YouTube.