Mike Dickson

Three lengthy works in three disjointed movements, all of them working at a strange pace and none of them making the greatest amount of sense to anyone likely to hear them - not even their creator. Which poses another question: who really made this? And who channelled it? In fact, who really 'makes' any of this stuff at all? Isn't this all so weird?

Composed in 2020 during the Coronaovirus lockdown, this one took many days to come to fruition and - a first for me - may be subject to revision in the coming months. Version numbers will be introduced to indicate any changes. Why this? Because I have grown a bit more restless, that's all. Already there are moments in the likes of Vectors and Cantus that I wish I could change. I am not sure why a wish for revision is a barrier to the production of music, so revisions there will be.

Re-listening to it again provides some really favourite moments, all of which (as usual) are tied to the creative process itself. The strings in the central section on Cabaret 3 are a particular favourite, as are some of the arpeggios here and there.

Some of this stuff sounds - quite deliberately - like it's familiar to you already. The influences of Berlin and London have never been made by me so definitively, nor so obviously. It's a coda to a particular period of creativity which has been strongly felt over the last five years. The next will be substantially different. So much so, that it is already surprising me.

A full playlist of all three tracks can be found here. I may release CD quality ISOs in due course.

Titles conceived, composed, arranged and performed by Mike Dickson.

© 2021, Black Cat Music Factory