4. Car Crash Messiah [5:55]

"XXXXX's spirit struck me a completely different to what I would have imagined. Rather shocked, I said to XXXXXX that XXXXX had a tendency to swear an lot and would delight in using bad language. XXXXXX told me that away from the limelight XXXXX was quite a colourful character and indeed did swear a lot when they met. In the comfort of XXXXXX's consultation room she could let off steam as much as she liked.

XXXXX said how she loved the boys but I was surprised when she said she loved XXXXXXX. She was of course in love with XXXX but she wanted it to be known that she had never hated or not loved XXXXXXX. He was a man she wanted to love but from the start XXXXXXX had stood in the way.

And finally we asked her about the claims that there had been a conspiracy to kill her. Having heard that XXX had once bugged XXXXXX's rooms I was expecting dark tales of intrigue. XXXXX was emphatic in saying that, as far as she was aware, there was no conspiracy to kill her.

What happened was a tragic accident but it is good to be aware that XXXXX and XXXX are safe and well in the afterlife. I hope that XX XXXXX and others who grieve for the couple may one day come to understand that there was no place for them in this world but that there is a place for them in the next. The power of love found a way for them to be together but it was not for us to share; it was them alone."

Acceptance Mark