6. Memory of Ur (Parts 1 and 2) [12:13]

"When we looked up and saw them coming in I did not feel saved or happy or any stripe of relief come over me. [My property] was about to be destroyed in the coming battle, my [friends] and family to be killed, my lands burned and my life's possessions stolen by those who came to save us, in name. Is that a price to pay, one worthy of great anguish and acceptance? I say it is not. Which way we turn....we find others willing to take our land from us, either by sword or by defence. The only way they can be told apart from one another is by the smile on their faces as they confront you and tell you of their victory and the price they are going to exact from you for doing so. And we must be happy for that lot for it is all we left to give. How can we feel any friendship for those who come to kill us and steal from us with a smile on their faces and speaking the words of freedom through the lips of slavery?" -- Jarir e Tabari (rep. Cabbalus Faw ta Jedda) (c) 875 AD.

The site of the oldest known western civilization. Birthplace of mathematics and astronomy as they have been passed down to us. Recently it was bombed, bludgeoned and battered in a phony war over WMDs that weren't, its museums plundered for their priceless treasures. There's a lesson about civilized behavior in there somewhere. We don't appear to be learnin' too good.

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