Codex (Flux Æterna)

Mike Dickson

Codex Proclivitus: featuring a call to prayer in a non-existent city, the sound of non-linear warfare, T-Electronique, the sound of quiet warfare, dark ballet, dark musical

Flux Æterna: featuring a call to arms disguised as a call to prayer

Codex Sirius: featuring broken drums

Infinitum Tenebris: featuring broken darkness

Ultimum Apis: featuring a swarm and a mistuned zither

Codex Penultimo (Orbem Tenebris): featuring another rhythm

Ex Mundi: featuring a call to prayer disguised as a call to prayer

Poor Elise (Magnus Dei): featuring disfigured reeds and a transfigured orchestra

Demonstrandum: featuring moving water, phonics, marxophonics, voice

Codex Redux: featuring a lengthy orange sequence of reversed arpeggios

Vox Inanimata: featuring the voices of pipes and Byrd on four sine waves

Te Dium: featuring a movement in three steps

Quae Portat Eam: featuring all carried information on a counted series of instructions

Camera Obscurant: featuring the magnificat and dark sounds of the ruined choir

Lux Fraterno: featuring the animal within, Xantris, C29, Santa Ana winds and an interlude

Flax Inferno: featuring a dead orchestra with an animated pianist

Infinita Infinitis Nigra Profundum: featuring a Russian beat ovberlaid with normalised familiar voices

Quomodo Nos: featuring a rhombic piano movement

Cadavar: featuring a Novachord, a Fender Rhodes and an outbreak of what passes for a melody

Flux End: featuring a tripled ending that never ends