Codex (Flux Æterna)

Mike Dickson

Codex Proclivitus

featuring a call to prayer in a non-existent city, the sound of non-linear warfare, T-Electronique, the sound of quiet warfare, dark ballet, dark musical

Flux Æterna

featuring a call to arms disguised as a call to prayer

Codex Sirius

featuring broken drums

Infinitum Tenebris

featuring broken darkness

Ultimum Apis

featuring a swarm and a mistuned zither

Codex Penultimo (Orbem Tenebris)

featuring another rhythm

Ex Mundi

featuring a call to prayer disguised as a call to prayer

Poor Elise (Magnus Dei)

featuring disfigured reeds and a transfigured orchestra


featuring moving water, phonics, marxophonics, voice

Codex Redux

featuring a lengthy orange sequence of reversed arpeggios

Vox Inanimata

featuring the voices of pipes and Byrd on four sine waves

Te Dium

featuring a movement in three steps

Quae Portat Eam

featuring all carried information on a counted series of instructions

Camera Obscurant

featuring the magnificat and dark sounds of the ruined choir

Lux Fraterno

featuring the animal within, Xantris, C29, Santa Ana winds and an interlude

Flax Inferno

featuring a dead orchestra with an animated pianist

Infinita Infinitis Nigra Profundum

featuring a Russian beat ovberlaid with normalised familiar voices

Quomodo Nos

featuring a rhombic piano movement


featuring a Novachord, a Fender Rhodes and an outbreak of what passes for a melody

Flux End

featuring a tripled ending that never ends