Mike Dickson

A sampler selection of fourteen tracks created across the last decade, as selected by the composer.

The track extractions are from the compiled CD so some run-in/crossfades from one track to the next should be expected. If you wish to experience the full unblemished magnificence of each track then download them from the left side of the page, although the crossfades on Curated mean that some of the tracks have been edited down slighty.

A playlist is available from here.

Vibration 1 from Vibrations

Cadaver from Codex

Mono 1/10 from Mono 1

Dead Tracks 17 from Dead Tracks

Spectacular 11 from Spectacular

Movement 01 from Movements (extract)

Candyman I from Orbis

Dead Tracks 23 from Dead Tracks

Mono 4/8 from Mono 4

Bright Science from Dark Sciences

Movement 11 from Movements (extract)

Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo) from mellotronworks II

thrENODy (Br2.) from Basilica

Madeleine from Basilica (extract)


All titles composed, arranged and performed by Mike Dickson aside from Bright Sciences composed by Mike Dickson and Danielle Ashley, and Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo) composed by Pietro Mascagni.

Full CD download available here with support files here. Burned using IMGBURN available here.

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