Dead Tracks 02

version x12


Lost in a forest at night. Rain drips on canopy. Verdant winds blow around. Nothing and none. All is lost. I feel despair.


Ahead a dark shape. A structure never seen or expected. Roofed. Darkness. A small shelter in the clearing; a hut without detail in the darkened gloom. Thunder rumbles ahead and above. It is my only hope, so I speed to it. The door handle firm and secure in my hand. Turns. No lock. I step inside. No rain. Strange warmth. Peace.



Inside is dark, no lights. Shapes of furniture in shadow, little space, crowded with items. Can I sleep? I must. One large backed chair into which I sit, listening to the rain and wind outside. Eyes adjust. Shapes form. All around – framed pictures. Hideous faces of diseased, twisted people leer at me from the walls. Taunting me in still silence. Horror. Such horror. I shut my eyes. I shut them out.


Eyes closed. Reality receded. Peace resolves and returns. Strange warmth still around me. In darkness I sit in peace and comfort. Escaped the weather. Return to the forest now and find my way. Afraid to open my eyes, for I do not want to see the hideous pictures around me again. But I do. I must. Eyes open. Daylight. Morning. Light streams. Little space, crowded with items. Find my bearings. Face my fear.

But I see no pictures. Only window frames.