Dead Tracks 27

version x4


I had such high hopes for her future once.
Always the prettiest in her class, always the brightest. Streets ahead of the rest.Joint


When she was five she read everything for the term in two weeks. She could write at two. At seven she aced every test give, some at 100%. Her headmaster called her ‘his brightest jewel’ and said that she would go as far as she wanted. Later, her high school headmaster told us that she was too good for his establishment.


We sent her to Saint Emily’s where she took everything given to her in her stride and even represented her country in middle distance running - she conjugated Italian verbs as she ran. She grew into an outstandingly talented and beautiful young woman. The formality of her examination results assured her of the dux and a future education at any university of her choosing, all of whom will be tripping over themselves to take her on.


I hide at the back of the bar, watching the figure at the centre of the leering attention, thankful I cannot hear them for the music. I come here every week to see our brightest jewel dance naked on a pole in front of hyenas for their base entertainment, making a living which pays her way. Making do and putting up with it.

Still watching over her.

I had high hopes for her future once. Now all meaning is meaningless.