Dead Tracks 29

version x2


I give him sex whenever he wants to. That's the condition. But the conceptions aren't his. He's not prepared to go that far.


I lie on the table. It is crucial to have a whole extraction, so the dilation schedule is extreme and very conservative. Thankfully I have unlimited morphine. It's the mid-evening; It can take till morning for a job well done. At first I am disappointed, not malformed enough, but then Frank brings my attention to an unusual feature, and we're satisfied.Defect


I usually get knocked up while on some drug. It helps. I go to a nightclub and pick an easy one. I've never once failed. Later, I keep on with the alcohol and the drugs. Frank prescribes medications known to cause birth defects. I let it get to the second trimester. And then, there I am. This is the seventh successful production. We are so good with the timing, they are all exactly the same size.


I look at the jars. Soon we'll have filled a whole shelf. There is a reason why we are doing this, but at the moment I cannot remember what it is. Now it is time to satisfy Frank's own urges. He is very depraved. He does nasty things to me. But he gives me substances beforehand, and it's all right. He gets them straight from Sigma-Aldrich, never a question asked. Sometimes he shows me the catalogue and lets me choose.