Dissonance (Waves - volume three)

Mike Dickson

Eleven times when juxtaposition provides distortion. Distortion provides contrast. Contrast provides difference. Difference provides dissonance.

This is the third in the series of waves. The final episode will knit all the preceding ideas together as a consonance.

This part of the project comes with few words, some visuals. and sound. It features (in order of importance) artifice, slavery, detachment, reattachment, abstraction, machinery, Spanish drama, a tribute to a famous (and favourite) composer, a musical pulse, an actual pulse, peace and a type of reconcilliation.

None of these pieces is related to any of the others. Abstraction in everything. This is the nature of dissonance.

"Then that when the wheel turns, buckets rise from the pit full of rocks and mud, empty themselves down a chute at the top of the chain, and return down the other side, bottoms up, for more.
Then that a bucket descending empty is emblem of residual frenzy.
Then that a bucket coming up full is emblem of potential frenzy.
Then that a bucket as it empties is emblem of actual frenzy." -- Blegvad, 1978

All titles conceived, composed, arranged and performed by Mike Dickson. Samples galore. And I mean galore. Not that any are in the least part recognisable. A marked efort has been made to completely obsfucate them to the point of transformation.

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