Metamorphosis I [6:05] 11.4Mb (Glass)

Metamorphosis II [7:15] 13.6Mb (Glass)

Metamorphosis III [3:50] 7.2Mb (Glass)

Metamorphosis IV [8:04] 15.1Mb (Glass)


Composed in 1988, these four pieces (from a total of five) are inspired by and used within the play from Franz Kafka's short story of the same name. Parts three and four are adapted from the incidental music to the play, whilst those in one and two use themes from Glass' other music for The Thin Blue Line. Originally written as pieces for solo piano, my versions use various digital choirs and Mellotrons to simulate trademark 'Philip Glass' sound found in his later works (notably in the soundtrack work to the themes of the Candyman films) as well as arpeggiated percussion, mallets and strings. In covering these pieces I hope that I have not only managed to convey some sense of colour, but have also imparted in them some of the characteristics that have made Philip Glass one of the most interesting composers we have today.

Part Two is available on YouTube.

Part Three is available on YouTube.


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