Canon in D major for three Violins and Basso Continuo (Pachelbel c. 1680) [6:25] 15.1Mb

Someone whose name I have inconveniently forgotten once said that the difference between what passes for mass culture and popular culture is that the former tends to turn out rubbish we all know is rubbish, whereas the latter tends to produce the sort of art that brings us all together in nodding approval of what we have just witnessed.

It would probably be right to have Pachelbel's Canon in D held up as a shining example of what popular culture can do for us. I'm sure that we can hardly name another composition that Johann P. ever put together, but such is the simplicity and elegance of this shimmeringly gorgeous piece that it has ensured his name will be remembered for centuries. Sure, it has been featured on more TV adverts than <fill in name of de jour personality here> but that only means that some advertising executive somewhere reckons it can reach out to people easily because they recognise it and like it. And ultimately, that's what makes this music so enduring: we all like it. (Well maybe with the sole exception of Rob Paravonian but he has his reasons.)

My first attempt at this sounded great, but then the voice of trusted ears told me that it didn't sound like a Mellotron. It actually sounded like a real string section playing it. The voice was right, so it has been been rephrased in the voice of the Mellotron's 'Classic Strings' which gives it that ambiguous, disembodied edge.

Instrumentation: Mellotron M400 Playing