Mike Dickson

Okay I lied about the last one being the last one. This is quite definitely the last one for the meantime and has used up just about everything I have and likely ever will have. This one collects two things I checked out shortly after Basilica as well as some much shorter pieces and one hulking great meandering twenty five minute soundtrack. It also presents two fairly long pieces destined for the last ever Systems Theory album, but which have been intercepted and realised here. They both may yet get a final airing. Time will tell.

All tunes are presented as high bitrate MP3s which accounts for their large size. An Adobe PDF file for the cover can be found here and suitable CD label can be found here. A Microsoft Word version of the artwork is also available here. A CD Architect layout can be found here and a Winamp playlist can be found here.

Thanks for listening.

Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!

Mike Dickson, Edinburgh, October 2011