Systems Theory was Greg Amov, Steven Davies-Morris and Mike Dickson. They conceived, composed, arranged, recorded and produced all tracks, played all instruments (other than where noted), and are responsible for all samples and MIDI programming, sounds and vocal effects. Basic tracks and overdubs were recorded in Scotland and Southern California between Winter 2001 and Spring 2004. Guest parts were recorded during 2002, 2003 and 2004.

All compositions are © 2004, Systems Theory Music Publishing.


Greg Amov - synthesizsers, sequencer, MIDI electric piano, viola, fuzz violin, E-bow guitar, percussion, sample loop programming

Steven Davies-Morris - guitars, bass, synthesizsers, MIDI acoustic piano, percussion, handclaps, sound and vocal effects, MIDI, soundfont, sample loop and drum programming

Mike Dickson - Mellotron M400, Hammond T500, bass pedals, synthesizer, sequencer, acoustic piano, timpani, sound collages, sound and vocal effects, sample loop programming


Cyndee Lee Rule played electric violin on tracks 2 and 7

Diane Amov played flute track 2

Brian Daly played electric guitars on tracks 1 and 7

Dun Strummin played lead and harmony guitars on track 7

Michael Futreal played dulcimer on track 9

The front cover was created by Paul Whitehead and is named Mobius Oscillator


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