3. Four Piece Suit [13:18]

Perhaps a better example of our approach to serial music. Instead of using every note as often as any other, we use every idea as often as every other. That is to say...once. We start at point A...and lead upwards to point Z, mostly without causing B or F or H or Q to be revisited on that upward trajectory.

This one starts on a rather lost-sounding iceberg, moves into what sounds like a damp tropical rain forest, then into a sweaty dance club, then into the depths of space, then into a pretty wild jazz club where the drummer (or drummers) sound like they are playing in a room where they cannot hear what anyone else is doing. We're not sure how we got there. Or where we came from. It certainly ends up going somewhere similar to the place whence it came, but that's about it. We're just building the road, not drawing the map.

Acceptance Mark