1. Green Miata (Baja Bound) [6:39]

This is the tune where we really got ourselves started. (Well...apart from the other one, that is) Steven submitted a tune into which he had woven a few random and odd Mellotron textures (such as the pedal off reverb effect on the choir voice at the intro) which had been supplied to him earlier. On hearing the result, Mike thought it was possible to add something to it, so he bought himself a six track portastudio (which ran on standard metal cassettes) and dubbed the track onto tracks one and two and the rest onto tracks four and six (because the crosstalk on a cassette tape is unbearable). It is a miracle of the digital producer's art that the track came out sounding as shimmery as it did, given this sort of treatment.

Diane Amov threw some tasty flute down onto it and suddenly the track burst into life. If Systems Theory (as it became) started anywhere, it probably started right here. Up until this point it was really a dry run - at this point it became something collaborative and positive.

Oh. And Asia C is a porn actress. She has her own web site. Approach at your peril.


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