Consequences (White) [00:36] 1.5Mb

Consequences (White)

The six included 'Consequences' tracks shown here were initially an idea I had to revive some of the compositional workings of Systems Theory. The idea was for each of the three of us to work on (say) ten short piece that would run for no longer tha thirty seconds and to sequence these mini-tracks one after the other to produce one 'meta-track' that would run for several minutes but whch would go all over the place. I took the ten tracks I had produced and tried flipping them around to see if I could sequence them into a five-minute burst of inspiration. After some experimentation I conceded that it sounded quite disjointed and decided instead to use them as 'link tracks' to join other tunes together. Presented like this the tunes run for slightly more than the planned thirty seconds to account for the fade in/out overlaps and edits they were to have with each other.

This is also available on YouTube.