Trois Gymnopedies III [02:38] 3.0Mb (Satie)

Trois Gymnopedies III

'Have I told you about my imitation Teniers? It's adorable, a lovely thing and a real rarity. Aren't those divine, those gems mounted in hardwood. Aren't they? And yet, there is something which surpasses these masterly works; which crushes them beneath the colossal weight of its majestic genius; which makes them grow pale with its dazzling radiance - it is a forged Beethoven manuscript (a sublime apocryphal Symphony by the Master) piously purchased by myself ten years ago, I think.

'Of all the works of this grandiose composer, this 10th Symphony, which nobody knows, is one of the most sumptuous. Its proportions are on a palatial scale; its ideas are fresh and plentiful; the developments are exact and appropriate. This Symphony had to exist: the number 9 just wouldn't suit Beethoven. He liked the decimal system: 'I have ten fingers,' he used to explain.

'Certain admirers who came dutifully to take in this masterpiece with thoughtful and attentive ears, quite wrongly felt it to be one of Beethoven's inferior works, and went so far as to say so. They even went further than that. In no way can Beethoven be inferior to himself. His form and technique are always portentous, even in his slightest works. In his case, the word rudimentary cannot be used. As an artist, he can easily stand up to any counterfeit attributed to him.' -- Eric Satie, 'Memoirs of an Amnesiac'

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