The Dark Within The Dark

Gregory Michael Amov

(Nov 6th 1959 - Nov 3rd 2009)

For a limited time, my late friend and colleague's album The Dark Within The Dark is available for free from this web site. Feel free to download and enjoy.

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All titles composed and performed / programmed by Greg Amov of Systems Theory. All titles created using Acid Pro, with samples from various keyboards and other instruments added. (Track seven is almost all done with the XP-30) Thanks to Steven for letting me steal the title to track one. Thanks to Diane for the titles to tracks three and six. This is the near final demo as of January 17, 2001.

"Mists and Memory" is dedicated to the memory of Grandma Connie.

Instruments used: Roland XP-30, Korg Poly61 (pre-MIDI), Yamaha CS-5 (a monophonic synth!), MaGa 5 String Electric Violin with Tomastic Dominant Strings.
Computers: 800 MHz Pentium III, Dual 450MHz Pentium III with a Terratec EWS64 midi controller
Software: Acid Pro and samples, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, and a host of supporting tools

The artwork for the album is available here: Front Cover, Inside Cover, Rear Cover and CD Label

copyright 2001, Systems Theory Music Publishing


Here's the review of The Dark Within the Dark from Expose magazine.

Greg Amov – “The Dark Within The Dark”
(private release, 2001, CD)

Amov is the keyboardist with the band Systems Theory. On this disk of electronic compositions, he alternates between dark floating ambient pieces and playful sequenced electronics, achieving a satisfying balance between the two. Each of the seven pieces allows ample time to stretch out and develop, but nothing here overstays its welcome. The very dark and atmospheric title track opens the disk, followed by “And Still To Wander”, an energized piece built around sampled metal percussion - a very ‘gamelan’ influenced structure tempered by powerful melodics and colorful synth washes. Using drums (sampled), varying colorful synth cascades, and repeating electronic and sampled percussives, “The Cathedral at Ys” is one of the most interesting pieces here, but seems to end before it reaches full development, though “Mists and Memory” picks up right after, offering a pulsating rhythmic base, although with a lighter and more refreshing feel overall. “Tokyo On Third” is another sequenced piece with a strong eastern flavor, both in the melodic underpinnings and the playful spirit, while the side-long “The New Worship of Old Gods” evokes the eastern spirit in a more ambient sequenced setting, also utilizing vocals, electric violin, and flute samples, creating floating melodies over a shimmering electronic base. The closer “Nightfall on Io” returns to the more floating non-sequenced style, reminiscent of vintage analog Tangerine Dream, ending the disc much like it began. A very compelling disc overall. – Peter Thelen

(c) 2008, Systems Theory