Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

8 Voice Choir

Certainly one of the major 'classic' Mellotron sounds, and perhaps the most arresting, this recording of four females and four males was first used in the early 1970s with the advent of the M400 and was widely used by rock groups who found that the sound of a Mellotron was a bit better than the sound of their chronic off-key harmonising.

The sound is usually played either on a heavy reverb (e.g. 'Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats' by Genesis) or close and 'dry (e.g. 'Exit Music' by Radiohead). For many people this was the sound that finally unhinged them into their life-long quest to buy a Mellotron. It's also highly recommended as a sound you should get on your first M400 frame, since complete keyboard duffers can sound great with it. It's almost impossible to hit a bad chord on this, even when you're playing Belgian Jazz.

The strain on the vocal performers shows up in two places on this recording; on the upper registers the male voices repeat the last octave they sang - mostly because the castratii failed to show up on the day - whereas on the lower end the female voices sound like they are either on Quaaludes or trying to gatecrash a Masonic party.

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