Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

Bass Clarinet

Oh the gloom! The gloom! Now you too can recreate the bridge to 'Epitaph' in the comfort of your own home!

By far one of the oddest sounds in the library (or in the orchestra, for that matter), the bass clarinet takes some beating for sheer atmosphere, in almost the same way that a Theremin makes you start to wonder what is standing behind me?

Also recorded by Julian Smerdon, the bottom 5 notes of the bass clarinet tracks were recorded on the bass clarinet, but then lowered in pitch and would actually be in the range of the contra-bass clarinet--however we couldn't find an example of the real thing that sounded any good!

This brand-new sound comes on a superb recording with astonishing clarity and presence, where only the upper half dozen or so notes sounding anything at all like its more famous two-octaves-removed cousin. Not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit. And probably not for tight chords either.

Click here to hear a sample of this sound