Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library


In 1972, on the request of a well-known musician, Les Bradley and his brothers rounded up thirty five cats which had been 'auditioned' for pitch and timbre, and recorded their yowls within the shed at the bottom of his garden.

The resultant little-known recordings were completed (after much difficulty) and presented to the requesting musician who incorporated them onto his new album. Unfortunately, word leaked out of Abbey Road Studios that something cruel and unusual was taking place and the RSPCA were called in to investigate.

The attention soon turned away from the artist and studio, falling instead on the Bradleys who were approached by officers from the RSPCA and were asked just how it was that they managed to extract an upper 'E' above middle C from a feline without the Application Of Mild Cat Abuse.

The officers were finally satisfied when they were introduced to the un-neutered two-year-old mongrel tomcat named Barnacle who had produced the howls for all the last seven notes on the keyboard.

Having been previously thought lost, this master has recently been unearthed and is now available for those of you who can't afford a real sampler. Or a real cat.

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