Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

Chamberlin Solo Female

I realise that the words 'solo female' will have the hordes of prog rock loners out there going mad with desire, but sadly this isn't some woman with a Genesis tattoo who has had enough snakebite and blackcurrant to concuss her into finding you attractive. No. For such a woman does not exist. Does she?

This is a short sample which runs from a low C up through a mere 17 notes, perhaps because the hourly rate wasn't quite what she was expecting from the recording studio. Or perhaps that was all she could sing. Of course, having a 17 note range would put you outside the range of just about every other person on the planet as most can get by on about an octave if you are lucky. We cannot all be Freddie Mercury. And it's a good thing too, otherwise this sound would have been completely different. Wouldn't it?

This is best suited for leads, where some transitions reek with that disembodied effect that gives the instrument its magic.

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