Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

GC3 Brass

The 'GC' in this sound's title is none other than George Chisholm, a well-known face on British TV in the 1960s. As incredible as it might sound to our culturally-advanced cousins from foreign climes, George was that rarest of creatures, a TV Comedy Trombonist. Yes, this is how we found our entertainment in the UK in those dark old days. If it sounds like the sort of entertainment we used to treat ourselves to during the war then you might just be right.

Odder even still is the fact that this sound is simply our George playing single notes on the trombone which have then been bounced down three times to give that particularly strange phased effect, making it seem like George Chisholm has just taken industrial-strength LSD during his particularly distressing experimental drug music years. Don't say you never get to the outer limits of bizarre with Streetly Electronics. And we don't charge you extra for this either.

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