Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

Mk II Flute

No doubt the most widely heard Mellotron sound, (although without some people even knowing that it's not the real thing) thanks to its use in Paul McCartney's introduction to 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. Anyone who owns a Mellotron will know the look of recognition that passes over the faces of the unwary when they hear this famous sound come from the rather unlikely-looking box in front of them. (The long suffering Neighbours Of Mellotron Owners are probably all-too used to it as well)

Much used by Tangerine DreamKing Crimson (I defy anyone to play the top 'D' and not immediately think of 'Trio') and Robert Wyatt, the actual pitching of the sound is in some doubt, being sharp to differing degrees on different parts of the keyboard. It's almost certain that two different models of flute were used to record all the sounds, hence the change in timbre about halfway up the keyboard. And yet, despite all this, the sound still works.

For some time, this sound has been made available on a rather poor recording which features all manner of drop-outs and bias pops. Now, with the discovery of a far earlier generation copy of the same sound, Streetly Electronics can now offer a Mk II flute that is as yet unsurpassed anywhere in terms of clarity and strength.

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