Mellotron Tape Library


The following recordings should give you some idea of the range of sounds available from Streetly's current Mellotron tape library. The library not only contains Mellotron sounds from the past, but a series of new sounds recently recorded or remixed for the instrument, as well as sounds from the Chamberlin and Birotron.

The recordings featured on this web site are for demonstration purposes only and are all (c) 2000-2016 Streetly Electronics. Most of the recordings were made on a Streetly refurbished Mk II sound effects machine, or on a similarly restored M400 and Mk V.

Nine new voices; Electric String Section, Hammond C3 (Clean), Hammond C3 (Dirty), M300 Piano, Mk I Piano Upper Octaves, Paravicini Two Cellos, Rhodes, Three More Violins and Vicki Blechta C Flute.

Any wobblies or duff notes are down to the quality of the player and not the quality of the tapes.

If you are after a lengthier sampler for the Mellotron Sounds available then look no further than mellotronworks album. A collection of popular classical music pieces played entirely on the Mellotron

A free album available for download from

A second volume is now available, cunningly entitled mellotronworks II. This features

A free album available for download from II/