Streetly Electronics Mellotron Tape Library

St John's Wood Church Organ

This monstrous racket is the one sound of them all that will eventually convince your neighbours to either move house or have a whip-round so you can buy yourself a remote cottage somewhere suitably distant. The church organ sound should cause walls to quiver, insecure ornaments to wander about the shelves, pictures to fall off the walls and small pieces of plaster to fall from the ceiling. (Especially on the bottom 'C' which, on good volume through a decent PA, will loosen bowels at fifty paces) The lower notes are doubled with a bass pedal for an even more resonant sound.

And do not confuse the genuine article with pale and bloodless inferior products of the same name. You should be able to hear the stops rattling, the top-end shrills screech and the air gathering in the bass pipes. Yes, it's out of tune - as are most, if not all, pipe organs - but the sheer power in this sound is more than enough compensation.

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