Dead Tracks 28

version x8

Happy DaysJUNE 2075

It was in June. The lights went out and the heating blew off. We wore extra clothes and fired up the camping stove.


We counted the gaps between the bombs going off and wanted to hear them grow much louder and bigger, giving them numbers according to their various strengths and proximity. Then we played another game where we all held off saying NOW until a bang went off somewhere. The last person to say NOW before the bang won. We laughed so much.


The banging stopped for a long time. Or maybe we just couldn’t hear it because we were all laughing so much. Mum broke out some chocolate she was saving for sometime and we all played an enormous game of Monopoly which was weird as half the places on the board didn’t exist any longer. We watched DVDs, playing a drinking game with Coke that was linked to Withnail and I which we all thought was great.


The banging came back. We did countdowns and chorused ‘NOW!’ a lot when they went off away from us. They got louder. Some of them got a lot louder. Finally, one chain of explosions went off that shook us in our seats like it was some sort of fairground ride. We were all shouting and laughing as the last chain went off directly above us.

Here comes the last one! And about time too!

We rode that one down forever.